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Drug Rehab Iowa

For the individuals Iowa who struggle with substance abuse, this is a serious problem in the state which can lead to many devastating consequences for the addicted individual and others who are directly or indirectly impacted. Illicit street drugs are abused in Iowa, but much like the rest of the country residents also struggle with non-medical abuse of prescription drugs. Prescription drugs are commonly abused non-medically to get high, much like any other drug of abuse. This is particularly true of prescription pain killers for example, which can cause many of the same effects as heroin. Substance abuse of any kind among Iowa residents is a problem which can very easily spin out of control, and many residents who don't get help pay the ultimate price of their lives each year. So every effort must be made to provide individuals in Iowa who have a substance abuse problem with effective drug rehab so that this terrible consequence can be avoided.

Individuals who are involved in substance abuse in Iowa will often try and quit on their own, because it can be such a miserable existence. Because addiction can be so debilitating however because of the intense physical and mental dependence that individuals develop, most who try to quit on their own will give in to severe cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Relapse after relapse is the most typical outcome when someone with no help and no treatment attempts to overcome these physical and psychological barriers on their own.

The other reason trying to quit on one's own can be unworkable and just result in another devastating relapse, is because even when someone does manage to detox themselves and get through withdrawal on their own, there are much deeper non-physical issues which initially triggered their substance abuse. When left unresolved, they will do so again. There are also very likely people and things in the individual's environment that will need to be eliminated so that they can remain sober, changes which are very hard to make when still in the environment where these things are left unresolved. This is why drug rehab in Iowa is the more optimal solution for individuals who really want to make a permanent change and a fresh start. Treatment professionals at a drug rehab in Iowa understand that rehabilitation isn't just about temporary abstinence and can help individuals through treatment to make the changes they need to make and in an environment which makes it possible to do so.

For loved ones, it can seem impossible to get through to a person involved in substance abuse so that they can get the help they need. In such instances, concerned friends and loved ones must do everything possible to intervene so that the individual can get help before their substance abuse causes any more serious consequences or even takes their life. Probably the most effective intervention tool is to hold a drug intervention with the help of a professional interventionist, and when this isn't possible family members and friends can by all means hold an effective intervention themselves. A drug intervention is an opportunity for everyone affected to be able to confront the addict so that they see how their addiction is impacting everyone's lives, and what can be done immediately to fix this and get their lives back on track. In most cases, individuals will make the right choice and go to drug rehab to try and turn their lives around.

Individuals first arriving in drug rehab in Iowa will have to get through detox and withdrawal, which will be supervised closely by detox professionals and medical staff when necessary to ensure this is a safe and smooth process. Most treatment clients in Iowa will be able to detox with only mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms, but some will have extreme physical symptoms which detox staff can help them push through. There are certain clients in drug rehab in Iowa that during detox will need to be under very close medical supervision because of withdrawal symptoms which can be life threatening, as is the case with alcohol and benzodiazepines. And because cravings to use one's drug of choice can be particularly strong during this phase, treatment professionals in Iowa do everything possible to keep the individual in drug rehab without relapsing and keep them focused on the ultimate goal of rehabilitation.

While becoming abstinent and getting through the often challenging withdrawal phase can be a huge feat for most in drug rehab in Iowa, the steps of drug rehab that follow detox and withdrawal are really the most crucial and how comprehensive of a treatment plan the client participates in at this points is what determines whether or not they will be able to remain drug free for life. The reasons an individual first found the need to abuse drugs and what will ultimately cause this in the future if left unresolved is what treatment counselors in a comprehensive and quality drug rehab in Iowa will work hard to resolve. This can take time, and studies have shown that the best outcomes result from programs which allow an individual to remain in an inpatient or residential facility for a 90-day stay or longer. These types of drug rehab programs have the highest success rates, because individual don't have the distractions that would in an outpatient environment, and they can achieve much more than one could achieve in a less intensive 30-day program. In long-term programs, individuals don't feel rushed and can take the time to make the life changes they need to make to be confident about their abstinence once they leave drug rehab in Iowa.

Drug rehab programs in Iowa when taken advantage of can help put an end to substance abuse for you or someone you know. But they have to be taken advantage of, so to help someone find their way to drug rehab in Iowa simply contact a professional treatment counselor at a drug rehab who can help answer any questions and make arrangements immediately to get them started in treatment.


Iowa Drug Statistics

1. According to a statement by the Iowa Office of Drug Control Policy, painkiller abuse is the biggest developed substance abuse threat in Iowa.

2. In 2011, 62 Iowans died from overdoses of prescription drugs like Methadone, Oxycodone, and Hydrocodone, according to the Indianapolis Star.

3. From 1994-2009, there were more arrest made in Iowa for driving while intoxicated, than any other criminal offense.

4. In December 2011, a report showed that, within that year, 22 people had died from Heroin overdose in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

5. According to the Youth Survey, in 2010, seven percent of 11th graders had used prescription painkillers for recreational purposes, in Iowa.

6. 64 people were the total of people killed in 2011, in Iowa, from drunk driving fatal crashes.

Drug Facts
  • In San Francisco injection is the preferred route of administration among methamphetamine addicted individuals there.
  • It takes around three days for the liver to recover and get back to normal functioning after a binge drinking episode.
  • Chronic alcohol use can lead to muscle atrophy which can cause sharp muscle pain and weakness.
  • Hispanic and White workers are more likely than black workers to report heavy alcohol use (9.8%, 8.1%, and 4.4% respectively).